Living in Brussels

Welcome to the heart of Europe

Brussels does not offer only exceptional properties. Belgium’s capital is also a bustling metropolis where it’s a privilege to live, work and play. Brussels is a dynamic city on a human scale. A true cultural melting-pot. There are two official languages (Dutch and French), but nearly everyone understands and speaks some English.

Investors love Brussels

In Brussels, you can be sure of a select group of tenants for high-end real estate. With all the Eurocrats and expats, you’re sure of tenants with a higher budget. Furthermore, the risk of non-payment in such a target area is practically non-existent. Europe’s capital is therefore the perfect place to invest in real estate.

Certainly for now, at least … because Brussels is still far less expensive than Paris, London or Amsterdam. And prices can only rise in the future.

Culture buffs love Brussels

You’ll never get tired of Brussels. There are always exhibitions with international appeal going on at the Royal Museum of Fine Arts, Magritte Museum, Museum of Musical Instruments, Brussels Centre for Fine Arts (Bozar), Belgian Comic Strip Centre, and other unique museums. There is opera and dance on offer in La Monnaie/DeMunt. The city’s concert halls are bursting with the world’s greatest artists. And of course, Brussels is, and always will be, one of the most beautiful art nouveau cities on the planet.

Those who enjoy life love Brussels

Belgians love fine food and drink. Did you know, for example, that Brussels has more starred restaurants than Berlin, Rome or Milan? Chocolate, beer, fish, vegetables, Italian and oriental specialities: at Brussels’ delicatessens you can try out the best of the best. Brussels is also a wonderful city for shopping: you’ll find top international brands, not to mention lots of lovely things under Belgian brands, and by local designers.

Expats love Brussels

Brussels is home to three European institutions: the European Commission, the Council of the European Union and the European Council. You’ll find hundreds of international companies in the city and its environs. Brussels offers outstanding healthcare, and excellent local and international schools. It’s not just by chance that almost 200,000 expats feel so at home in Brussels. Are you coming to join them?


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